Klangscheiben Label and Booking
[KSRVIN001] Various Artists - The Fable

Klangscheiben Records is proud to present its first vinyl release of a brand new series; a various artists compilation entitled „The Fable“. While some tales start with “once upon a time“, this one begins with the candid rhythms and guileless synergy of German duo Metaboman and Large M’s “Taverne Master”. Canadian minimal masterminds Akufen and Pheek each provide their own input: the former’s weaving synth-driven jazzy storylines, the latter’s a trip through fragmented instrumentals and a min-tech narrative. Klangscheiben label boss Demas shows his fangs with a brooding slow burner permeated by skin-crawling microsounds; a flow picked up by Montreal producer Magnanime’s “Psychomagic Master”. Ark’s parable is awash with echoing vocal snippets and an addictive piano riff, melting into the strange sound of Tom Ellis, whose “Shotgun” is at once stripped back and full of life. Tomas Jirku wraps up the release with “One Monkey”, a glitchy, eccentric minimal piece that is as unpredictable as you’d expect from the Vancouver producer. The moral of the story? Listen and find out.